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Shade & Light Spectrum Management

Greenhouse & Supply offers a full range of high-quality knitted shade cloth. Shade cloth is used for a broad variety of crops to provide uniform shade and to control air movement in greenhouses and nurseries, and to protect crops from birds. The knitted tapes have UV resistant additives giving the net durability and longevity. Knitted shade cloth is resistant to agrochemicals.

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Greenhouses & Supply has been in business for over two decades. We take pride in offering high quality products and consistent customer satisfaction. Our customers span the country from Alaska to Florida and include back yard gardeners, the U.S. military, private businesses, the USDA, and public school systems. We give personal attention to each order no matter how big or small. In addition, we offer you courteous and prompt service. You will receive high quality products that fit your budget. Our greenhouses serve as an educational, research tool, as well as an enjoyable hobby for the backyard enthusiast. With our wide range of  specially designed greenhouse products, you will produce flowers, vegetables, and beautiful houseplants. For the hobbyist, when your soul craves beauty, serenity and greenery, enjoy the loveliness  and warmth of a greenhouse that will keep the winter fires burning. We all need a secret passion and inspiration. As you learn about growing abundant plants you will discover the enchantment of gardening. We were born to love flowers and crave nature's bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Purchasing a greenhouse is guaranteed to propel you down a road that generates  a new  appreciation for nature. So relax, enjoy the slide shows. And, be sure and check out our specialty products! We have provided links for your convenience with detailed information only a click away. Buy today and enjoy your purchase all year round!

To help you with solutions as you are planning and building your dream greenhouse,EncepCois providing a handy information guide. The Information Guide is divided into several key topics so that you can go directly to the area of your interest. Throughout the guide you will see images marked with the word "Solution". Within the guide select an image to find out more about product solutions.

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