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Greenhouse Construction

Everything about the new Gold Series Greenhouses is new. New designs give you more space for your plants. New anodized steel fittings make assembly easier. New 4 mm corrugated polyethylene covering reduces seams, goes on quickly and creates an ideal growing environment.


New, easy-to-assemble steel fittings

The new anodized steel fittings throughout all the Gold Series Greenhouses offer greater strength and faster assembly. Just insert the precut, color-coded frame pieces and tighten down the eye bolts.


New heavy-duty steel door hinges

Our unique new anodized steel door hinges will provide years of continuous trouble-free service. Doors also feature anodized steel corner fittings and they are double paneled for added stability, strength and insulation.


New anodized steel hanging rod brackets

Steel-strong and built to last, our new hanging rod brackets support heavy loads. Each 8 ft. section holds up to 200 lbs. of hanging plants... ideal for over-wintering expensive fuchsia baskets and trailing plants.


More steel throughout the frame

We've added more of our custom PVC-clad steel framing material throughout the Gold Series greenhouses. The steel gives your greenhouse greater strength and stability. The PVC prevents heat loss and is specially formulated with a 10X UV inhibitor and rated for outdoor use in direct sunlight.


Expanded bench frames for more plants

Our unique bench frame system comes with every Gold Series Greenhouse. Bench frames feature wider, stronger shelf brackets so you can have more usable growing area for all your plants.


New Easy-Flow Louvered Air Vent

Included free with every Gold Series hobby greenhouse and greenhouse garden shed. This vent in conjunction with base vents, produces natural convention to create a complete circulation system that provides fresh air to keep plants healthy.

Solexx Double-Walled Rolls

NEW! The same double-wide Solexx panels are now available in continuous rolls! Cover your greenhouse easily and conveniently with continuous greenhouse covering. Just roll it over your greenhouse frame and attach. Rolls are 4' 1" wide and can be custom cut to your desired length up to 1000'! Available in 3.5mm and 5mm thicknesses. Sold by the linear foot. 8-year limited warranty against UV breakdown.



Use our snug-fitting white PVC H-Channel to create a custom finish trim that securely joins your panels together. H-Channel clips are used to join the 4' H-Channel pieces together to make 8' and 12' lengths. Cutting down the H-Channel makes shipping affordable.



Our white PVC U-Trim edging and helps keep dirt and moisture out when sealed with silicone caulking. 4'1" long.


Galvanized Screws with Neoprene Washers

Galvanized screws with neoprene washers provide secure panel attachment. Attach panels to wood and PVC using 1" white galvanized screws (available in bags of 60, 100, and 500). For securing the panels onto a metal frame, use 3/4" self-drilling screws (available in bags of 60).




Built-in bench frames hold up to 500 lbs.
A unique bench frame system comes with every Solexx Greenhouse. Bench frames feature wide, strong shelf brackets so you can have the most usable growing area for all your plants. No other greenhouse kit on the market comes with so much growing space!
Incredibly strong composite framing stands up to severe weather
The composite framing (the same material used to make bridges) gives you superior strength and stability. This superior framing prevents heat loss while remaining easy to clean and rust free.
Strong easy-to-assemble steel fittings
The anodized steel fittings throughout all Solexx Greenhouses offer superior strength and fast assembly. Just insert the pre-cut, color-coded frame pieces and tighten down the eye bolts.
Built-in ventilation keeps plants healthy
The Easy-Flow Louver is included FREE with every Solexx Greenhouse. This large 24" x 12" vent, in conjunction with base vents, produces natural convection to create a complete circulation system for healthy plants. An optional solar louver opener opens and closes the Louver when you're away.


Solexx greenhouse covering
Strong, shatter-proof Solexx panels stand up to wind, hail, and snow and are backed by an 8-year warranty for your peace of mind. The twin-wall panels create an evenly diffused light for optimal plant growth, plus they are insulated to help keep your heating costs low.

Full-length hanging rods support your heavy plants!
Super strong hanging rods run the entire length of the greenhouse for trellising tomatoes and overwintering your prized hanging baskets. Each hanging rod will hold up to 200 lbs.

Steel-Care PVC, a smart choice!
Compare for yourself...

Frame Strength Insulation Longevity
Solexx exclusive
Extremely strong and durable. Good insulator. Does not draw heat away from the greenhouse. Long lasting. Frame will last for many years. Will not sweat and can be easily cleaned.
Plastic Resin Can range from average strength to very poor. Must check any plastic frame carefully. Good insulator. Does not draw heat away from the greenhouse. Depends on construction. UV damage can be an issue along with discoloration. May be difficult to repair. Will not sweat.
Aluminum Extremely strong and durable. Does not insulate. Will draw heat out of greenhouse. Long lasting. may cause excessive condensation or "sweating" in the greenhouse.
PVC Not strong enough to support a large structure. Good for a small hoop-house construction. Good insulator. Does not draw heat away from the greenhouse. Normal water pipe is not treated for outdoor use. May not last long when exposed to sun. Will not sweat.
Wood Very strong. Good insulator. Does not draw heat away from the greenhouse. Will last long with treatments to keep wood from rotting. Wood may sometimes be treated with dangerous chemicals and also subject to harboring disease. Wood may contain moisture and contribute to excess humidity in the greenhouse.


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Now you can have the finest greenhouse available at a price you can afford!

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